Antonie Veldkamp
Position or Role: 
Dean ITC faculty of Geo-Information and Earth Observation, University of Twente The Netherlands

Day & Session

Plenary session 3

Subject Title

Human Capital Development in Geospatial Science for sustainable development in Africa

Brief Bio

Prof Tom Veldkamp is the current Dean of the ITC faculty, University of Twente (UT). With ITC being the international Faculty of the UT, he is also carrying the portfolio Internationalization for the University.

In his capacity as Dean he is overseeing a period of change in ITC, expanding the educational offering with a new Master program on Spatial Engineering, and developing focus on entrepreneurship and private sector development. Although these changes are taking place, the original mandate of ITC in international education and capacity development has remained.

Prof. Veldkamp obtained his MSc in tropical soil science and his PhD in environmental sciences at Wageningen University. After working as a Mathematical Geologist at the Dutch geological survey, he moved back again to Wageningen University. After several promotions he became Full Professor and Chair of Land Dynamics in 2002. In 2005 he also became head of the business unit at the Landscape Centre in Wageningen University and Research Centre. He joined Twente University in 2009 as the Dean of ITC and was reappointed as Dean on January 1, 2015. His research interests are analysing and modelling land change science and landscape processes.